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Numi Does SG - Day 1

I really really need to learn how to pack well before I have to leave for the airport. I also need to learn how to actually get some sleep the night before going on a trip. Then again, I have to learn a lot of things - things which I can't seem to get around to doing.

Current trip: Numi Does Singapore!

This is my first trip outside of the country alone. I love traveling, but I never really pay attention to directions - I guess I got used to travel companions doing that for me. So yesterday, I had to repeatedly mentally give myself a pinch to remind me that I was alone and had to figure out how to get to the city center by myself. How many times I had to pull myself out of my music-induced reverie, I don't remember. I actually had to take some time to peruse the train maps! But you know what? I liked it.

One thing I can say about this city - there are signs every freakin' where about every freakin' thing. It's perfect for me! It's kinda hard to get lost here. (Now I shouldn't have said that because I am bound to get lost in the next 10 days, and I'll have to eat my words...)

First day in SG was spent - surprise, surprise - working and eating. I can see it now - at least 5 pounds more before the week ends. I really ought to engage in fat burning exercises (READ: go out of the house and actually walk around) while here.

Anyway, what does this remind you (friends in the Philippines) of?

Parang stall lang sa MRT station, no? The food we got here for lunch was a mixture of weird and good. I really liked the chicken wings (you can't go wrong with chicken wings) but the rice had coconut milk - just like suman - and they didn't seem to blend well. I did love the fish cakes, though. They're the elongated white thingies in that photo. I was thinking - perfect pulutan!

Dinner was something else! We went to this Japanese shabu-shabu place, which was reminiscent of Tong Yang in Makati. The big difference: MORE and FRESHER seafood.
Yeah, I didn't see the NO CAMERA sue me.
That's one section from which you can get all the kinds of balls in the world, I swear. They also had all sorts of sushi, tempura, and sashimi. I loaded up on shrimp, clams, and mussels. Luckily, they had no crab or I'd have blown up like nothing else.
That's what I'm talking about - see the shrimp on my plate?

Now for Day 2, I shall embark on a different sort of adventure - after I get some work done.


  1. Oh good for you. You're going to do great traveling alone.

    I mean, so far it looks like you're having an amazing time.

    *good thing for signs!*


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