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Flying Eye Hospitals, Food, and Family

Those are the highlights of my weekend. In the last post, I shared a poem that really struck me. My current work set up is such that I can pretty much arrange my own work schedule - as long as I get things done. For the most part, this works perfectly for me, as I like working at my own pace.

I think that sometimes, I do tend to bite off more than I can chew, and I end up working more than I should. That's normal for a lot of people, though, isn't it?

Anyhow, after reading that poem over and over again, I decided to chill a bit this weekend. Chill as in just sit/stand and stare and not go out. I think I kinda succeeded.

I enjoyed spending time with my sister/brother-in-law, cousin, and of course, Sam. I enjoyed watching TV (yes, I did!) - even silly shows that I will probably never watch again. I did get to see this feature on a flying eye hospital called Orbis, and I regret not hearing about it before they got here. I am amazed at the work they do - providing eye care to people who need them the most but can't afford it. I kept thinking about my mom - she does get social security disability, partially, but it's practically nothing - and how Orbis would have been perfect.

Then there was all the food we had this weekend - simple, but good. I wish I could upload photos but I am too lazy to transfer the files from the camera.

Of course, there's Sam. This is how much I love this kid: I sang to him so he would sleep. I miss him already.

Promise - photos soon.


  1. Im glad you allowed yourself to relax this weekend. Silly TV rules. And so does time well spent with family. xoxox

  2. Sounds like a lovely, peaceful weekend. Glad you enjoyed it.


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