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Where Priorities Lie

I have been having a difficult week due to technical "glitches." My wonderful ISP has been down since yesterday, making me realize just how dependent I am on the Internet. Thank God for coffee shops with Wi-Fi, friends who let me squat, and the wonder that is mobile Internet. With these, I have been able to get by somehow.

Today, my designated workplace was Coffee Bean. The time spent there also doubled as "bonding time" with one of my closest friends. The night ended with a short talk on priorities, which is making me think as I write.

Some people put a lot of premium on investing their money on tangible things like houses, cars, and the like. I sometimes sit there in wonder while friends talk about shopping for furnishings for their houses (new curtains, new counters for the sink, new cabinets, a new spa cover, etc.). They seem so...settled? Does that make them more mature or responsible than I am?


Then again, maybe it is all a matter of priorities.

While I would like to see my money going into something tangible, at this point, I would really rather enjoy what I can. I would like to travel as much as I could (definitely not tangible but the experiences are worth it). I would like to go see places I have never seen before, and experience things I haven't done before.

It's not that I haven't been in that "settling" mode. Maybe it's a case of been there, done that. Or maybe, it is simply a case of priorities.

The realization? You can change your priorities, and I choose to NOT invest in something that will tie me down. I guess that's why we're such good friends.


  1. "I would really rather enjoy what I can."

    Well said woman. And I couldn't agree with you more!


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