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I've been on an Andrea Bocelli kick this past week, so much so that I really really want to learn Italian now. If I can find classes near where I live, I should be able to squeeze them in!

Anyhow, this song is my current favorite. Vivere, or Dare to Live. Andrea sings this with Laura Pausini, and it is just so uplifting! Even if I don't understand half the words, I still like listening to it over and over again.

The English parts:

Try looking at tomorrow not yesterday
And all the things you left behind
All those tender words you did not say
The gentle touch you couldn't find

In these days of nameless faces
There is no one truth but only pieces
My life is all i have to give

Dare to live until the very last
Dare to live forget about the past
Dare to live giving something of yourself to others
Even when it seems there's nothing more left to give

English is understandable and inspiring. In Italian, with Andrea Bocelli singing, it just sounds oh so sexy. ;)


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