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Operation GR

Last weekend, I started sorting my things. Yeah, I am getting rid of unnecessary things in my life and going down a different path. Where it will take me, I don't know.

Unfortunately, this path also means saying goodbye to some attachments. I had to say bye to Dexter, but he'll be in a better home with more people to play with him. I also had to say bye to Koryu, but she'll be with Silas so it's all good.

Now for the crap that I have left. I will be taking photos of stuff that I am going to sell and posting them here. I just need to sort the items out, but do look out for that - you might find something. Don't expect anything like modern office furniture though - they're all from the condo. ;)

So anyway, Operation GR is underway, and I can't wait to get it all over with!


  1. Before you post anything make sure you give me first dibs on things I might need. Pero for dekwat na lang ha? LOVE YOU!

  2. Haha ano pa nga ba? Come over next weekend and let's start.


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