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Discovering Siquijor: How to Get There

Another long overdue post...It's been almost a month since I went on my first solo trip, and I simply didn't have the time to write much about it when I got back. I still have a lot on my plate, but writing for leisure helps me to relax, so here goes nothing.

I flew to Dumaguete from Manila, but you can also reach Siquijor via ferry from Bohol, Iloilo, Cebu, and other surrounding areas. At the Dumaguete airport, lots of people will approach you, offering rides to hotels and the pier. I suggest walking to the main road - this takes less than 5 minutes. From there, you can hail a tricycle to take you to the pier. This will save you some money. If you get a tricycle inside the airport, you'll have to pay anywhere from PHP100 to PHP300 - depending on how unscrupulous the driver is. At the main road, I got a driver to take me to the pier for PHP30!

Their tricycles are huge over there! You can easily fit five people in one.

At the pier, you'll have to buy a ticket from the Delta Ferry ticketing office. If I remember correctly, it costs PHP120 one way. You'll have to walk to the floating terminal to board the ferry. I remember getting so dizzy while sitting there! Maybe it was because I hadn't had anything to eat since I left Manila at 5 am. Anyhow, the trip took about an hour - maybe less. You can call Delta Fast Ferry at 035-420-1111 or 035-422-9292 for fast craft schedules.
That's the ferry you'll have to take. It's a bit cramped - practically no leg room - but the ride is short and it is air conditioned. The seats are assigned as well, so you won't have to "fight" for proper seating.

When you get to Siquijor Pier, you'll have to take a tricycle to your resort. What I did was call Casa de la Playa beforehand and arranged for someone to pick me up. Since the resort is at the other end of the island, the fare was quite hefty - PHP350. The drive to the resort took about 30 minutes, but if you're staying in the Siquijor side, it shouldn't take that long. If you're going there anytime soon, try calling Joseph at 0926-308-0593. He's the trike driver that took me to the resort and back to the pier.

The first thing I noticed when I got off the ferry was how clear the water was. Even at the pier, the water was just gorgeous!

One thing you ought to know - there is practically no public transportation in the island! There are very few jeepneys, and they run maybe once every hour or so. If you're staying for several days, your best bet is to rent a motorbike. Alternatively, if you're going with a group, you can rent a trike for a day so that you can tour the island. It's pretty small, so a day should be enough to see the places of note.


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