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Anyone Seen My ATM Card?

You think I'd know better. It happened once, and I have already made it a habit to always put cards back in my wallet. For some reason, I forgot to do this the last time I used one ATM card - the account which has the money I need NOW.

So I wasted precious time talking to the bank officer, who simply asked me to fill out forms. I asked if I can withdraw money over the counter as I need it. The answer? You need to submit the notarized form first because you're withdrawing more than PHP1,000! Geez - if I only needed less than PHP1,000, I wouldn't be bugging them, right?

I am beating myself up for losing the card, but my irritation at bank "policies" is just making me so ... grrr ...

It doesn't help that there seems to be no notary public around here!

Are all banks like Metrobank? If this weren't my oldest bank account, I would simply close it and use BPI.


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