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Na na na na...It's A Beautiful Life

I don't watch much TV, but when I do, it's usually Discovery Travel and Living. I guess having been bitten by the travel bug is something you can't mess around with. Even if I find myself being tortured by the scrumptious concoctions they whip up in the shows, I just can't help myself. Truth be told, I am even more tempted by shows like Glutton for Punishment, Man versus Food, and the like. I guess that is a reflection of how much I like food!

The thing that really got me when I first saw their theme song/video is Anthony Bourdain's line at the end: "I'm here. What's holding you up?"

I would always say "I am not being paid to travel and do what you do. That's what's holding me up, fracker!"

Now my life has changed somehow, and while I cannot do what those guys on TV do, I am at least more mobile and can start living the dream.

Oh, I still have my duties and responsibilities, but there are fewer things holding me up and tying me down. Good-bye this and that, hello new places! Hello shopping (POS systems just might be my best friends in the near future)! Hello new adventures!!!

Indeed, it IS a beautiful life. Sometimes, we just need to be pushed out of our comfort zone to see the life that is waiting out there for us.

And just so you know what I am talking about, here:

Got yourself a ticket to the rest of your life
So starting here and now, find the strength somehow to spread your wings and fly
And who could ask for more than this precious time
With you at my side on this rollercoaster ride, the one thing I know for sure is that

Na Na Na, it's a beautiful life
Na Na Na, it's a beautiful life
Yes it is

Everyday's a new start so give it a try
When all of your predictions, your loves and your commitments
Keep watching the time pass by
And who could ask for more than another chance
You get one everyday, so start and lead the way
Step through another door singing. . .

Na Na Na, it's a beautiful life
Na Na Na, it's a beautiful life
Yes it is

These days I'm lost in the beauty of life
So I'm singing. . .

Na Na Na, it's a beautiful life
Na Na Na, what a beautiful life
Yes it is.


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