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My First Stint as a Ticket Seller

Yup, I have a new job - selling tickets at the gate. Well, it's not exactly stable, but I think I have found one of my callings. ;)

Seriously, I had a great time manning the booth last night at the Lymbyc Systym gig at Club Dredd. I struggled a bit at the beginning - I had to smile and be chatty and all that. PLUS I had to make sure I gave the right amount of change and so on. It wasn't exactly rocket science, but I was apprehensive for a moment there.

It was definitely a good night, all that was missing were the "regulars" and all the crazy talk (how about rv towing and NASCAR? Go figure!).

Take a look at some of my best moments. ;)
See, I was a very friendly ticket seller. Of course, that was one of my friends I was handing the ticket to.
With the Zippo girl and the manager.
Photo op with Jared (?) of Lymbyc Systym. His brother, the other half of the duo disappeared.
With everyone who hung around after the gig.

And there's the thing that made it even more worth it. I can't wait to do this again!


  1. You look cool doing the job and also like you are having fun so that is fantastic and hope you continue to enjoy the job!

    I'm back!


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