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Monday Pick Me Upper: Funny French Idioms

Time for a language lesson, folks. I know we all know a bit of French - we all say "Pardon my French" every now and then, right? ;)

I bet that you'd be pleasantly surprised at real French, though. A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I got on this French idioms kick. What's really amusing is the literal English translation of some of these idioms. A little searching via Google helped me continue my laughing streak for a while...
C'est la fin des haricots.
In English: It's the last straw or that's the end of it.
Literal Translation: That's the end of the beans.
Les carottes sont cuites.
In English: I've had it.
Literal Translation: The carrots are cooked.

Devenir chêvre
In English: To become enraged
Literal Translation: To become a goat
Pleuvoir des cordes
In English: To rain cats and dogs
Literal Translation: To literally rain ropes

Here's a special favorite of mine:

Chantez pour une bourrique, elle vous donnera des crottes.

Literal translation: Sing for a donkey, and she'll give you droppings.

Go Figure what that means! ;)


  1. I have another one!

    Vas tu faire cuire un oeuf.
    (Go cook an egg.)

    It means, "leave me alone!"

    Hahahaha. The French rock. :P

  2. I like that, Noelle. Good idea for another post.

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