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Mi Casa en Siquijor

I expected something more luxurious, but I got something else - a cozy little house and a yard of my own. The size is perfectly fine, although I wish the bathroom were nicer (yup, am very particular). The fixtures are quite basic - no hand dryers, no hot water, etc. Other than that, I am quite content with what I got.

This place is full of quaint decor, and you'll find a lot of things to catch your eye during a short walk around the premises. Here are a few items.
You just can't help but grin back at him.
This makes me want to eat some crab. Maybe I will - I brought enough Claritin anyway.This is the pathway from the beach to "my" house:
I even got an arch!The yard.
Casa Mathilda.

I fell asleep quite early last night, but I kept waking up because of the crickets, the birds, and the tuko (that's one noisy gecko) outside. I think there was a pack of them! I'm sure I'll get used to these sounds soon enough.


  1. Looks wonderful and you are more of a vacation freak than we are! Wish I was there.

  2. How was Jamaica, D?
    Mel - it is a very pretty place!

  3. Jamaica was good though the resort we stayed at wasn't the best. But we are there for the beach, sand, sun, beautiful waters and of course, all the drinks we want so it was great.

  4. I would love a home so close to nature like that. Sigh, I live in a city.

    Short of that, I do love to feature huge wildlife photograhy and animal accessories to anchor my decor.

  5. Ianny - I live in the city, too; and sometimes it just sucks! Are those photos all yours? They're beautiful!


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