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The End of a Journey

I always get like this when a trip comes to an end. This time is no different. I thoroughly enjoyed going alone - solitude really does have its perks.

With 3 more hours to kill before my flight, I have finished a good bit of work - thanks to mobile Internet and Le Cafe, a coffee shop right in front of the airport. Feeling more than a bit restless, I took the chance to snap a few photos using my phone.
That's a nice piece of artwork, isn't it? I think it would fit quite well in my living room.

The lounge where I have been working these past few hours.
The "VIP Lounge" - I don't know why and how.
Restless Numi.

Arrgh...not looking forward to going home and everything associated with it.


  1. I hate the going to and coming back from a long trip but as long as the end result was worth it, I can manage. Glad you had fun.

  2. Well, Im glad you had fun! And I know how you feel. Sometimes it IS hard to come home after time away like this!


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