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Dexter's Shenanigans

My poor baby has a boo-boo. He's got this thing on his left eye, but it seems to be getting better now. But, he's also shedding so he's been in a mood all freaking week. How a turtle can be in a mood - you tell me!

I just wanted to show some photos of him horsing around.

Isn't that a good turtle? I think he needs more toys; and since he seems to like exercise, I wonder if they have any pull up bars for turtles? (His mommy sure could use them!)

Another thing I just found out is that turtles at this age should eat every other day. Guess what? Dex eats twice or thrice a day! No wonder he looks so fat. I guess my turtle's obese. I've been feeding him once a day since yesterday.


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