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You Know You're A Pillhead If...

  • don't think twice about swallowing an inch-long thing as thick as your pinky. Yup, a week after surgery, I got an infection and now, I have to take some other antibiotics. This brings me to my second point...
  • walk in the rain just to get those magic pills which will make the hurt go away. Walking in the rain is fun - if you're out in the countryside. Try walking in the city at dusk: dodging friggin' cars that won't stop even when you're crossing via the pedestrian lane; avoiding stepping on icky puddles; wishing you brought your umbrella; trying not to slip and make an ass of yourself...the list goes on and on.
  • know exactly what's wrong with you; you send your doctor a text message, and she says just buy these pills, and you'll be fine. The upside: it saves you on consultation fees!
  • ...your friends ask you what pill to take for what ailment. That's not exactly self-medication, is it?
  • ...the pharmacist knows you by name. Well, I'm not exactly there yet, but they all smile at me like they know what I need before I even say it.
Photo via Dadadreams


  1. ahahhaha. My pharmacist knows me by name!

  2. you know,I'm trying hard not to become pillhead,to a certain extend I won't take pain reliever even in pain.haha silly.Anyways,Thanks for the review.:) God bless you!

  3. Mel - haha. Hope you're feeling better.
    Liz - kudos to you! And, you're welcome!

  4. Hi! I see that you've used my Pill Head collage in your blog. Here's a link to the original:

  5. Dadadreams: Sorry about that. I have attributed the photo to you and linked back.


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