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The Thursday Group and Then Some

It used to be that I would go out almost every Thursday with Rye and Mik. When Rye left the company, though, Thursday nights out became a once in a blue moon thing. Last night, by sheer luck, everyone was available so we went out. And, since it was the last night (in a couple of weeks) that I could go out and drink, I didn't think twice.

Some people are blessed with drop dead gorgeous looks. Some are blessed with killer bodies (and no need for diet pills that work). I'd like to think that I am blessed with good people as my friends.

The Thursday Group

Earlier that night with one-eyed Numi

Let's get that right

B52 - the magic elixir

Cheesy huh? I'm just uptight about the weekend - give me a break!


  1. seeing you with that b52... oh guillaume would be so proud! :)


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