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I thought I knew all about food. I was wrong.

This weekend, I discovered a whole new kind of cooking: hospital food!

It was amazingly uninspiring, to say the least. I was unlucky enough to have been put on a low sodium, low fat diet all weekend. That was the best part.

The dietary department put me on clear liquids only for a day. What did that entail? Water. Soup that looked and tasted like water. Jello that tasted like Robitussin.

Then there was pospas. I believe that this dish is meant to be so much more. It's "official" description is "rice and chicken soup." That sounds good enough, right?
That pospas is from one of the popular local food chains here. It looks decent enough and probably is tasty as well.

The pospas that was meant to be in every tray I got was anything but good, though. First of all, there were no toppings! The mixture was watery. The taste, well, what taste?

Boy, was I glad to get home! When I looked at my discharge papers, though, it said "low fat diet." I asked my nurse: "Till when?"

She looked at me like I was nuts. I could hear her thinking: "Duh, till forever!" Of course she said something like...ask your doctor when you go back for a follow up checkup.

Now I am looking at all sorts of low fat sample menus. I know it's good for me (I probably won't have need for any weight loss cream), but I can't imagine a life of pospas. I just can't!

Somebody save me!!!


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