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Chocolate Truffle Cake

This cake is sure to make you feel better. Never mind that it is packed with calories (men, you just take some noxycut after eating; apparently it's one of the best fat burners out there) - Sugarhouse's Chocolate Truffle Cake is worth all of it!
The other night, I felt a craving for something sweet, and I was feeling a bit low as well. I knew that only one thing could satisfy that craving:

The "baby" cake is the equivalent of one slice, and it costs only PHP150. The whole thing is covered with a thick gooey chocolate cream and is topped with a sliver of bittersweet chocolate. The beige toppings are made of mocha and they melt in your mouth. The cake itself is so moist and creamy that you might not even be able to finish off the whole thing in one sitting!

No doubt about it - this is my favorite chocolate cake of all time. Luckily, there's a Sugarhouse branch right across the road.


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