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Monday Pick Me Upper: Funny Signs

It's back! I finally have more time to spend on this blog, and the first thing I told myself I would do is to bring back Monday Pick Me Uppers. Yesterday in church, the pastor showed us some funny signs as an introduction to his message. That gave me the inspiration to go look for other signs that cracked me up. I think that they should have this sign all over Eastwood; have a special sign to be put up on Friday nights... I wouldn't want my kids to go to this school! On the other hand, the stuff's free... Whoever put up that sign was just asking for it, right? I bet even if you weren't planning on doing some target shooting, you would do it just because of the sign. The other right , dumba#$! Have a fun week, everyone!

This Little Boy Is Turning Five

Time is going by so fast, that it amazes me at times. If you had asked me, eight months ago, what I would have been doing now, I probably would have given a different answer. Time indeed does wondrous things. So about this little boy named Sam. My only nephew (until 9 months down the road, when my sissy Hannah will give birth to her second child...more thoughts about that later) is turning five on Wednesday! His birth was a milestone for our family in so many ways, and we have been blessed in ways we couldn't have imagined. This special - in more ways than one - kid still can't walk and talk, but the way he warms our hearts when he smiles and interacts with us can't be beat by anything else. We're not having a huge party for him, but we're going to be together on this special day. We love you, Sam.

Buffalo Bill and Lan

Look who's got new playthings! Well, they're technically NOT just playthings as they are needed, but still, they give me as much pleasure as any other toy that I have. A couple of weeks ago, when I found out that a friend was coming over from the States, we talked about getting an iPhone. Then the iPhone 4 was announced. Naturally, it didn't (doesn't) make sense to get the 3GS, so I "settled" for a tiny mp3 player that I can take when I travel. That left ipods . I ended up with this cute little blue Nano, that has FM radio and takes videos! Meet Lan: If you're wondering about the name...go check out Wheel of Time and you'll make the connection. I never really wanted a Nano before, but after getting Lan, I realized how convenient it is to have one. It's slim and tiny, but big enough not to lose. I also really like that it takes videos and has FM radio. Pretty good deal for a tiny package. Then there's Buffalo Bill. He's my por

Just Another Friday Night

I've never been good at saying goodbye, so I'd like to think that last night was just another Friday night at Gweilo's. The US team was playing against Slovenia. We all had cold beers in our hands. Everyone was just chillin. Earlier that day... was just another Friday at work, with the best team in the world. I kid you not. See how serious I am?

Feels Like Today

I woke up hearing the song by Rascal Flatts in my head... I woke up this morning With this feeling inside me that I can't explain like a weight that I've carried Been carried away, away But I know something is coming I don't know what it is But I know it's amazing, you save me My time is coming And I'll find my way out of this longest drought... Cliche, but after today, my life will change in drastic ways. Many of these changes - perhaps all - are due to my own decisions. Some decisions were easy and implemented immediately. Others are more of daily struggles. Gone are the days of stressing out. Goodbye to the days of having to juggle a million balls at a time. Hello to my couch. Hello to new and undiscovered places. Hello (again) Internet! Oh, hello healthy eating. On a side note...I am sick of having to eat chicken, fish, and more chicken and fish. My body is screaming for pork chops, steak, and ribs! I wonder if I take fat blockers, I will be able

You Know You're A Pillhead If...

... you don't think twice about swallowing an inch-long thing as thick as your pinky. Yup, a week after surgery, I got an infection and now, I have to take some other antibiotics. This brings me to my second point... walk in the rain just to get those magic pills which will make the hurt go away. Walking in the rain is fun - if you're out in the countryside. Try walking in the city at dusk: dodging friggin' cars that won't stop even when you're crossing via the pedestrian lane; avoiding stepping on icky puddles; wishing you brought your umbrella; trying not to slip and make an ass of yourself...the list goes on and on. know exactly what's wrong with you; you send your doctor a text message, and she says just buy these pills, and you'll be fine. The upside: it saves you on consultation fees! ...your friends ask you what pill to take for what ailment. That's not exactly self-medication, is it? . ..the pharmacist knows you by name.

My Boys

Last weekend at this time, I was in a drug-induced stupor (legal drugs, mind you). Not in my wildest dreams did I think that I would ever go through that experience. Now, a week later, I am looking back with a tinge of amazement. I got through that without the support I was waiting for, but the support that I got was even better, in some ways. Who wouldn't feel better if a little boy kept peering at you through the hospital bed railing? I think what was going on in his head was: "Nana, why the heck are you in there? That's MY spot!" (You see, Sam is a regular at hospitals; and it might very well have been the first time that he went to one as a visitor and not a patient.) Of course, Silas had to show up as well. As it turned out, he was spending the week with Sam. He hated the hospital but he loved the "hi-tech" disinfectant dispenser by my door and all the food choices on the ground floor! This Ryan Agoncillo-looking guy almost had me bust my seams.


I thought I knew all about food. I was wrong. This weekend, I discovered a whole new kind of cooking: hospital food! It was amazingly uninspiring, to say the least. I was unlucky enough to have been put on a low sodium, low fat diet all weekend. That was the best part. The dietary department put me on clear liquids only for a day. What did that entail? Water. Soup that looked and tasted like water. Jello that tasted like Robitussin. Then there was pospas . I believe that this dish is meant to be so much more. It's "official" description is "rice and chicken soup." That sounds good enough, right? That pospas is from one of the popular local food chains here. It looks decent enough and probably is tasty as well. The pospas that was meant to be in every tray I got was anything but good, though. First of all, there were no toppings! The mixture was watery. The taste, well, what taste? Boy, was I glad to get home! When I looked at my discharge

The Thursday Group and Then Some

It used to be that I would go out almost every Thursday with Rye and Mik. When Rye left the company, though, Thursday nights out became a once in a blue moon thing. Last night, by sheer luck, everyone was available so we went out. And, since it was the last night (in a couple of weeks) that I could go out and drink, I didn't think twice. Some people are blessed with drop dead gorgeous looks. Some are blessed with killer bodies (and no need for diet pills that work ). I'd like to think that I am blessed with good people as my friends. The Thursday Group Earlier that night with one-eyed Numi Let's get that right B52 - the magic elixir Cheesy huh? I'm just uptight about the weekend - give me a break!

The Shower

I was supposed to be at work about an hour ago, but unfortunately, my sleeping pattern has become such that I haven't been able to get out of bed before 10 am. I have no excuse - I just love my sleep! Anyhow, I was naturally in a rush to get ready and have had to give up many of my morning rituals. One thing I could not pass up on was my morning shower, of course. If you live in the Philippines, you'll realize that you cannot go by without taking at least one shower a day. That is, unless you don't mind being sticky and stinky. So the shower...this place is perhaps the most productive place on earth. Never mind that I get to see my tendency for baldness early on (there's fast hair growth shampoo to take care of that anyway) as strands of hair fall all over the place. It's not just me, too. Most of my colleagues tell me that they get the most brilliant ideas while in the shower. Issues at work (and otherwise) seem to be more manageable when you're in t

Chocolate Truffle Cake

This cake is sure to make you feel better. Never mind that it is packed with calories (men, you just take some noxycut after eating; apparently it's one of the best fat burners out there) - Sugarhouse's Chocolate Truffle Cake is worth all of it! The other night, I felt a craving for something sweet, and I was feeling a bit low as well. I knew that only one thing could satisfy that craving: The "baby" cake is the equivalent of one slice, and it costs only PHP150. The whole thing is covered with a thick gooey chocolate cream and is topped with a sliver of bittersweet chocolate. The beige toppings are made of mocha and they melt in your mouth. The cake itself is so moist and creamy that you might not even be able to finish off the whole thing in one sitting! No doubt about it - this is my favorite chocolate cake of all time. Luckily, there's a Sugarhouse branch right across the road.

Road Trip Bug

Now that I am looking at more flexible hours for myself, I am seeing more and more possibilities. One of them is going back to driving on a regular basis. To do that, I have to learn how to park first. Yup, anyone who knows me personally also knows that I can drive as long as I do not have to park. I won't go into the details, but let's just say that I got into an accident backing out of a parking lot. My driver's license has been expired for more than 10 years now. Another thing about driving again is that I have to get my own car. I can use good old Harvey (this old gigantic pick up truck) but my parents use him to get around. Buying a car is not an easy thing though. It's expensive and I have to worry about maintenance costs. Of course, there is always discount auto insurance , but other maintenance expenses just might kill me. So why am I suddenly thinking of cars? I guess the bug has bitten me again. I want to be able to travel to relatively near place

Bag Of Beans

On the way home from the company team building last Sunday, we decided to drop by this popular cafe called Bag of Beans. Actually, everyone had heard of it except for me. I did not hesitate to go, though - how can you go wrong with a bag of beans? It turned out to be the right decision! The cafe was excellent and affordable. From the food to the outdoor furniture , everything was a welcome sight to my beer-buzzed self. That's us all aglow in anticipation of the food and coffee. I ordered a steak and kidney pie, which cost only PHP100. It was small, but it hit the spot. Noelle's dish, on the other hand, was enough to feed all of us! Ren's daing na bangus was not bad, but kinda small. Their mugs were wonderful! I wish I had a set. While downing all that food and the unlimited kape barako , it was nice to just sit back and look around. Here's the menu if you're interested. Bottom line: Bag of Beans is a must if you ever find yourself in Tagaytay. Coming from

Wrong Profession?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. I think every little kid went through this phase. I still remember the doctor's kit I had, which I would use at every opportunity. Unfortunately, my first taste of biology class in high school turned me off forever. I couldn't even touch the frog, much less dissect it! So anyway, I paid another visit to my doctor today. It was the last before the "big day." I had to talk to the people at the health insurance office to make sure that they will cover the procedure, and estimate how much I will have to pay in excess. In the process, I found out just how much the different doctors get paid. I cannot believe how much they charge for a 5-minute (or even less) visit! I cannot help but wonder if the other people in the medical profession earn as much. If you go to medical assisting school, would you earn a decent amount? Maybe I should have stuck it out. Maybe I should have at least given my childhood dream a shot. H

Technology Makes You Dumb

Don't get me wrong - I am a self-proclaimed technophile. Anyone who knows me the slightest bit will also know how easily I get fascinated with electronics and anything technology-related. I guess I am wired that way. However, I cannot discount the fact many of us tend to become too reliable on technology. I just read this news story about a woman from Utah who is suing Google because she stepped onto the middle of a highway as she was (presumably) following the instructions on Google Maps. She got hit by a car - yeah that tends to happen if you stand in the middle of a highway! As much as I love Google Maps, I think I'll realize that I am getting the wrong directions (or at least that something is not quite right) if I suddenly see a highway. Over dependence on technology can harm you in other ways. Just the other day, I was sitting at Krispy Kreme enjoying my coffee. I almost burst my seams laughing when this woman stepped off the escalator, walked in a semi-straight