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Where To Watch NBA Games Live

Since the NBA Playoffs started, I haven't had the chance to watch the games live on TV. Well, until now. I tried to look for the basketball channel on my local cable provider, but it didn't seem to be there. So I turned to the next best thing - the Internet.

Do a search on Google for "watch NBA games live streaming" and you'll get a lot of results. I usually key in "Spurs [opponent name] game number" and that does the trick. So far, I have used two site that never fail: and

My only problem is that my broadband provider loves to act up. Like today, I was painstakingly watching Game 2 of the Suns versus Spurs series, and the connection just made the game all the more painful for me. For some reason, the feed would freeze at crucial moments! Game tied at 51, a Spurs guy shoots, the ball is in mid-air. FREEZE.

The funny thing is this: as the 4th quarter started, a colleague sent me a message telling me in which channel they were showing the game. Live. On TV.

I tuned in just in time to watch my boys lose.


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  2. Just in case you missed a game, check out


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