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Virgin Getaway

I've never been one to go to the beach just for a day, but the unexpected May 3 holiday provided a chance to do just that. The last time I went to Laiya in Batangas, I think I was still in high school, and I was not really expecting much. After a 2-hour (or so) road trip, the sight that greeted us was pleasantly surprising.
The sand isn't that white and is quite coarse, but the beach is wide and long. The premises are quite clean, and it is relaxing.Being with two people working in HR, the conversation revolved around a lot of work stuff (from employment screening to policies to rules!), but we also had time to talk about inane things. That "parasol" served as our base for the day, and I found myself taking a long nap after lunch.
Doesn't that look oh so good? It's perfect after a nap and a long swim.
This tree got my attention from the get go.

Virgin Beach is a good option for those who live in Manila. It's a short ride away, and there aren't too many people. The only drawback: the price. You have to pay 850 PHP per person for a day trip. This includes lunch (which is not spectacular). You have to pay an extra 1650 PHP for a parasol (maximum of 5 people). For other food, expect to pay an arm and a leg (80PHP for softdrinks, 100PHP for beer, 200++ for other dishes).

Still, the clear water and wide expanse of beach made up for these drawbacks somehow.


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