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The Tummy Strikes Back

Perhaps I should rename my blog and call it the Tummy Chronicles. I'll start writing about how my tummy acts up on a regular basis and disrupts everything. I bet I will have tons of writing material if I did that!

Just the other day, after having a normal lunch of roast pork, my wonderful tummy started making its presence felt. I felt like I had eaten chunks of rocks, and they were coming up my esophagus. Then I felt like the rocks were stuck in my throat.

Naturally, I couldn't eat even if I was so hungry that I could eat a horse. The only good thing that comes out of these episodes is that I do not need thermogenic fat burners or any other similar products. Just the thought of the pain I'd experience if I ate would turn me off of food.

Of course, the moment the pain goes away, I start eating again. Oh these trifling things that I worry about!


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