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Oh My Heart

"You never outgrew basketball, did you?"

That's what my sister and girl cousins tell me each time I get all worked up because of a game. My response: "How do you outgrow basketball?"

It's just unthinkable for me!

The Western semi-finals are well underway, and despite high hopes, the Spurs lost to Los Suns - two in a row. Game 2 was a killer - I thought my heart would give way halfway through the 4th quarter! Given that part of my heart is dead, that wouldn't be a surprise. Now I definitely need a free life insurance quote just to be sure!

Anyhow, my gut feeling is that this series will go on to Game 7. In the meantime, why don't we have a basketball party on Saturday morning (MNL) to watch Game 3?

Timmy and Manu - I still love you guys!


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