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Of Watersports

I've been on this "face your fears" spree lately. Push, push, push. That's my mantra.

Unsurprisingly, water and watersports are part of the whole thing. I have had this fear of deep water for as long as I can remember (which is actually not a novel thing), so now, I am looking at ways by which I can face this fear. (I hope my insurance company is not reading this as my insurance quotes just might skyrocket with all the stuff I am planning on doing.)

Lately, I have been thinking of boards...

Surfing. I wanna try it just once. I can't swim in deep water. I have never tried surfing. Still, it should be fun.

Wakeboarding. Friends went wakeboarding last month and they've been raving about it. I think this is a safer bet than surfing. A more realistic goal for me, too.

Parasailing. Now that I think about it more, this is perhaps the most realistic activity for me. It's not that strenuous, but it does combine two fears - heights and water.

So who wants to go with me?


  1. If you go wakeboarding in Lago de Oro, Batangas, you're pulled by a cable on a man-made lake that only goes up to your chest, so you should be safe there.

    As for surfing, as long as you don't do it when the waves are really big and rough, you can't drown since the board floats like anything and is attached to your leg. :)

    When and where are you going?

  2. No set plans, Aves. But you should probably go with me as you have the experience.

  3. I'd love to, but I have no experience with the wakeboarding as of yet. I tried this thing called the knee board where you're kneeling instead of standing...the problem lang with Lago is that the lake is square-shaped. Hard to turn corners when you have no idea what you're doing are just hanging on! hahaha


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