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New York Weekend

Nikki just brought something to my attention: our weekend was New York-themed. I suppose it's simply because of the three movies that we watched - all of them were set in New York.

The Stark Expo was held in Flushing Meadows, NY (Iron Man 2).

Julie lived in New York (Julie and Julia).

I Love New York. Well, no need to explain that.

More than movies, though, the weekend was very laid back and refreshing. You know those moments with tried and tested friends wherein you can talk about anything and everything? From relationships to food to work to business opportunities (like what the top franchises 2010 are) - you just do not run out of things to talk about; and even if you do, you just sit there and do your own thing without feeling compelled to talk.

I suppose that after having too much to eat for dinner, it's all but understandable.
It's a wonder what some basil, sundried tomatoes, garlic, and parsley can do!
Grilled rib eye steak (cut into more manageable portions for my healthy friends) will do the trick every time.
Of course, a glass (or two) of wine helps in digesting all that food.

My weekend's not over yet - tomorrow, beach time, baby!


  1. Hey, thanks again for dinner. I owe you dessert. :-)

    Btw, I continued the NY theme until yesterday. I was too lazy to do anything that I ended up watching the first Iron Man installment.


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