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Little Projects

I am a person who works best with bite-sized pieces. Don't get me wrong - I love huge chunks. In fact, I often bite more than I can chew (both literally and figuratively). I do realize, however, that I get better results when I break down things (and food!) into smaller, more manageable portions., Monnette and I came up with little projects that we can work on in the next few weeks. (The idea came about as we were trying to ignore the fact that we were melting inside the cab that was stuck in horrible traffic all the way from Makati Med to Cubao to Eastwood. You'd be surprised at how much you can talk about in these circumstances!)

Project 1: Go find Dr. Arroyo and pay him regular visits again.
Dr. Arroyo was our dermatologist when we were in college. (Yup, Monnette and I have known each other for a while.) We had skin problems back then, and well, adult acne still wants to be best friends. Tomorrow morning - I will have recovered by then - I shall try and track him down.

That's the easy part. Visiting him regularly - and paying for the visits - is another story altogether.

Project 2: Blood typing!
I have had my blood type determined several times in my adult life but for the life of me, I cannot remember what my blood type is. It just might save my life one of these days, so I'm gonna have it done after the next payday.

Got a project for me? ;)


  1. I finally remembered the third project: going Ortega! :D

  2. I can help you with both projects.

    I can call CMC for you. Malamang dun pa din Dr Arroyo. Pero ikaw nlng pala kasi may land line ka...hehe

    As for you blood type it should be O kasi O ako. If not either mom or dad cheated on the other. Hehe. Tama ba? Or pwede rin pala if OB or OA isa sa kanila it will show as just A or B.

    Oh well I guess I'm no help in either projects. Hehe

  3. Han nalito ako! Ha ha. Ano nga CMC?


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