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I *heart* Tony Stark

Or maybe it's Robert Downey Jr. Who cares?

I just got back from movie night with friends, and I have to say that I want more! I think I've seen Iron Man around 5 times, and I probably will watch Iron Man 2 just as many times. RDJ is eye candy that no one can resist, I am sure. For the guys, Scarlett Johansson would surely keep them coming back for more. Her character was portrayed quite impressively and it sure helped that she is such a looker. Now there's one girl who does not need to buy diet pills for sure!

Seriously, though, the movie has got me going on a comic book streak. I am far from a comic book geek, but now I think I shall dig deep and read, read, read.

While I do not know about the accuracy of the film, I am happy to have seen it. Now for some Avatar The Last Airbender. Thank God for the Internet.


  1. I have always loved RDJ and think he gets better looking each year. Check out Sherlock Holmes for some real eye candy of him. Love that movie as well.

  2. I agree, D. He looks so much better now that he's older. I'll go watch Sherlock Holmes. Btw, welcome back!


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