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Hogs, Hammocks, and Halalan

This post is long overdue, but I hadn't had the time to download the pictures from Garcia (my trusty old camera that's starting to conk out).

On May 10, the whole family (plus Nikki) trooped to Laguna to exercise our right to vote. The "excursion" was kinda weird, especially since I was actually home. I did have some fun experiences, though. Number one: it was so laid back! I loved it!
We went to the farm first, before we voted. It's a little piece of land that my parents are renting. They're raising and breeding some hogs for a living:This pig's a feisty one. I bet he loved that cold shower!
Silas and Gio feeding the same pig leaves. See him posing for the cam?
Silas doing a cowboy dance.
What's that face for, buddy?Nikki wanted to give the hogs a shower.
LOL - I couldn't help it. This pregnant sow was peeing, and I just had to take a picture.

Mom and Dad are also into vermiculture. It's breeding worms for excellent soil. Here are the beds:
Of course, it wasn't all work. We had some down time as well.

Silas making lambing.I saw this little banana shoot while I was walking around. For some reason, it beckoned to me.

After the farm, we lined up to cast our votes. Thank God we didn't have to wait long!
That's the school where we had to line up at.Let's volt in!

By late afternoon, we were all pooped and we had to make a snack run. Oh, and guess what? I drove again after years of not getting behind the wheel! Well, yeah, it was in a small town (not much traffic, not too many contraptions - I didn't even encounter barcode scanners that day) and the chances of me getting into an accident were nil, but hey, I still drove and everyone lived!

We drove around looking for halo-halo, this sweet Filipino dessert that is kinda like a snow cone except that it has all sorts of other fruity ingredients. Unfortunately, it seemed that everyone had the same idea, so all stores were out. We ended up visiting an old love of ours - Papu's Siomai (dumplings). I can't believe that their prices are practically the same!

Yeah, it was a long and tiring day. I couldn't help but reminisce when I lingered in our backyard:

At the end of the day, everything felt alright.


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