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F1 in Singapore!?!

Am going out on a limb...I think that's the major theme of my life these days. Things are changing, and I am getting out of my comfort zone - not in a bad way, though.

I just wrote about purchasing tickets to Siquijor to enjoy the beach for a week. Now, I just made concrete plans to go visit another "S" - Singapore! This is another city that I have been wanting to visit, but haven't been able to. For 2 years now, I have been trying to get to the city to watch the F1 night race. Guess what? The Year of Tiger is THE year!

Right now, I am down with something so I am focusing on vitamins, cough medicine, and Berocca; but I am not bothered really. At least it's not prenatal vitamins (or some other medicine that will keep me from traveling in the next year) that I have to deal with!

Anyhow, September is something to look forward to. The F1 night race is the first of its kind, and even if I wasn't able to go to the first ever race, at least I'll get to experience it this time. I don't even have the funds to buy a 3-day pass (unless by some stroke of magic, I receive a windfall). Just being there are the "track" is going to be something else!

Singapore...I am not much into cities, but a visit to a strange new place always does me good. Who knows, it might just be what I need at this point?

Oh - who is that guy in the photo? F1 enthusiasts - you tell me!


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