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Brownmen and A Little Kid

I had decided on going home that night. Of course, as fate would have it, I ran across Ren 50 steps from the condo. That meant one thing: I had to go out with them.

It was kinda good that I did because we ended up at 70s Bistro again. This time, though, I was very much in control of myself and behaved very well. It helped that we had this cute little girl with us - Chuchay. She's such an angel and we all had good clean fun that night. See, she got me doing all these silly poses:

B52 time, courtesy of GP.
Crappy camera. Good times.

Ah yeah, there was a band - another one from our past: Brownman Revival. Ren and Angelique reminisced big time while watching this guy perform.

It made me realize something: I really am getting old. I never really loved their music, but Thursday night, sitting there, I enjoyed myself. I am mellowing down...


  1. even if you are mellowing down, you still look like you had a blast in these photos!


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