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You Swim Like A Fish

And how do fish swim, exactly?

I have always been a frustrated swimmer. I know the idea behind it, but I could never really stay in deep water. It's a mixture of fear and the inability to keep moving enough so that I would keep my head above the water.

Several months ago, I started swimming regularly in the building's pool, and inadvertently made a friend. I guess he found it hilarious that we were just wading and not really swimming, so he gave us tips on how to actually swim.

Looking back, I think it helped somehow, but I cannot forget what he said: "You're doing the right things - strokes and all - but you keep going up and down! You swim like a fish! I don't understand why!"

Since then, I have been trying to analyze what I am doing wrong. Needless to say, I still go up and down when doing the breast stroke. Thinking about it more, maybe he was wrong. Maybe you're supposed to go up and down! And, aren't you supposed to swim like a fish anyway??? Maybe something was lost in translation!

Anyhow, I still can't tread water. I still can't swim like I want to, but give me a couple more months and I just might be able to go out into the deep waters of the sea on my own. Now, I only need to buy shampoo for hair loss (the chlorine is making shedding so much worse!), ear plugs (so I can learn the free style and not get water in my ears all the time), and a new bathing suit (the old one's getting - because of use or because I am losing weight, I hope it's the latter!).

On another note. I think I'll take this swimming thing more seriously. It is a great way to get some exercise and it helps clear my mind. When you have to put all your attention on the next stroke so you won't drown, it kinda helps not think about the other things that are bothering you! ;)


  1. I am awful at swimming! I can do the doggie paddle and that's only when Im trying to save my life from drowning!

  2. I don't even think I can do the doggie paddle for more than a minute!


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