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I used to think that I am a practical person. To a certain degree, I still believe that. However, I know that I am weak in certain areas; and when I say weak, believe me, I mean bones-like-rubber-weak.

The iPhone has been one of my most-wanted things on my wishlist for years now. I still don't have one, and I am quite proud of myself for having the EQ to NOT splurge on it (especially since I have a relatively new phone that still works perfectly). Then I saw the news about the iPhone 4. Forget that I would probably have to find an unlocked phone for a much higher price. Forget that I don't need a new one right now. I want it.

Then there's the MacBook. Koryu is perfectly fine. I just keep imagining myself with a new toy, though.

There are trips...don't even get me started. I want to go somewhere this weekend. Forget that I have been out of town every month since December (sometimes, the trips were only a couple of weeks apart). I want to go somewhere - anywhere - soon!

It's true, temptations abound. The question is: how long will I be able to resist them?


  1. I *LOVE* my Macbook and my iPhone!

    In fact, I think I would die without them!!

    I vote you stop resisting!
    And just GIVE IN to the power of All Things Apple!

  2. As they say, opportunity knocks but temptation kicks its way in.

    Tuloy ka sa Makati mamya?


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