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Extended Weekend

I still had to work yesterday, but up till last night, it felt as if I was "doing the weekend." It's a good thing. The weekend started off excellently with a night at the Handlebar, watching Tempestuous Jones perform. The next day was spent recovering from the week's activities and ended with Flow - awesome dance and acrobatics! Unfortunately, taking photos was not allowed, so I do not have any to show. If you have the chance, though, go watch it at the PAGCOR Theater.

Sunday was more relaxing: a swim, AI reruns, and a merienda of rib eye steak and pasta!
Sam came to visit late in the afternoon and we ended up jamming to Muse. I love how this little kid can appreciate good music! He wouldn't stop playing with his tambourine whenever Uprising played, and he would get mad if I changed the music.Sam: "Nana quit posing for the cam! Let's enjoy Muse!"

Yesterday, Sam and his momma went to Avilon Zoo for some bonding time. From the pictures, you can tell that he had a blast. Unfortunately for the little critters, Sam thought it would be fun to squish them! (Of course, that didn't happen.)
I wouldn't want to hold that thing! Seriously, I'd rather be in pain and looking for the best hemorrhoids treatment rather than hold a snake!
This kid knows no fear!

In the evening, our cousin Paul came over to visit, and we caught up on each other's lives. It's pretty amazing how you can not see each other for years and then just meet up as if you just met yesterday.Sam loves his Tito Paul.

Not a bad way to start the week. :)


  1. Sam actually squished that snake too. The handler was very nice though and taught him how to do "soft touch" lang.

  2. your weekend should have extended until last night! :( missed you, Numi. The Pho was really good, but there ARE other things on the menu too, you know. :p

  3. Isn't Sam adorable, Mel?
    Han-Sam really has no concept of fear, no? Lucky kid! Scary for us!
    Aves-sorry about last night, I was really pooped. I am not going out tonight either, otherwise I'd be dead and unable to go out tomorrow/Friday.


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