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Elevator Dream Comes Real

Well, not quite. I have these recurring dreams about elevators, which I wrote about years ago. The frequency has decreased somehow, but today, I had a real life experience. These scenic elevators at work are supposedly the fastest way to get to our office. However, they act up every now and then, and as luck would have it, one decided to give me a surprise earlier today.

There were three of us in the elevator, and the ride up went smoothly. Unfortunately, the door wouldn't open when we got to the top. Instead, the elevator descended ever so slowly. Oh so slowly. The only good thing about it is that the elevator wasn't packed. Otherwise, I would have panicked.

Surprisingly, I was more pissed than afraid. It was so hot and waiting for the elevator to reach the ground floor was agonizing.

Maybe my elevator dreams aren't so bad after all. I'd rather have those dreams that the other kinds of dreams I have been having lately.


  1. I would have FREAKED OUT completely. I cant imagine being stuck in an elevator for even one second! And that's why I always take the stairs!

  2. I tried the stairs yesterday (office on the 10th floor). I survived - barely.


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