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Creating New Memories

They say that you'll never get over the bad stuff until you create new memories. I used to think that the idea was plain crazy. It's not like you can just forget the painful parts of your life like you buy new Ferrari parts. In the latter case - you can throw away the old useless parts and replace them with brand spanking new ones. Despite the price involved, that's quite easy to do. You do not find yourself pining over the old parts.

Sometimes I wish we really did have that eraser thing that they use in the Matrix. One flash and you forget what you wish to forget. But, no; we have to go through so much in this life that it just drains you emotionally and physically. I guess that's part of what makes us human. Right now, it sucks.


  1. I used to wish I could erase the bad things that happened to me - or the bad experiences Ive had.

    But, now, I see how those very things have shaped me as a person and I am better for having gone through them.

    Of course, it doesn't feel like that while you are in the midst of mayhem.

  2. I agree, Mel! Reading your comment, one word came to mind: hindsight. Now it has so much more meaning.


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