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Being Happy

I got this book as a present a couple of years ago, and while I started reading it, I never got around to finishing. As is my habit when I go to the beach, I brought two books with. Since I didn't really pack till the last minute, I just grabbed whichever books I could get my hands on before rushing out the door; and guess what I got?

Being Happy and Book 11 of the Wheel of Time series.

I ended up finishing the first book while on vacation. I have to admit that I have this aversion towards self help books. Sometimes, I think that they are full of inane ideas. I was proven wrong by this book, though.

Indeed, the ideas presented by the author are not new. In fact, the book merely served as a reinforcement to what I already knew before reading it. However, the reminder that being happy is something that you CHOOSE to do struck me really hard. I cannot count the number of times that I have chosen to be depressed and dwell on the "bad" things. It sucks that I chose that route so many times.

Then again, the book served as a reminder that today and the future NEED NOT be continuations of the past. That is, while the past certainly affects the future, we can always choose to break free of the mold. It may be harder for some; circumstances may be difficult, but the bottomline is that we always have a choice to do something new for ourselves.

The main thing I remember about the book is the power of thoughts. Even the Bible talks about our thoughts being so powerful. Dwell on the negatives and you'll see what negative is all about. Think positively and you'll be surprised at how things turn out better than you thought they would.

Today, I choose to think positively. I choose to be happy.

Easier said than done? YES. Doable? Definitely.

(Universe, please don't test me - yet.)


  1. "I have this aversion towards self help books. "

    Me too. But I will admit that positive thinking is essential to having more happiness and an overall better life.

  2. Oh, so that's where that whole "I will not be negative" thing came from! Infect me with that, Numi! :P

  3. Mel - yeah, positive thinking helps (when you get around to practicing it!)

    Illumine - infecting after me "napping" last night, you probably will want to kill me first.


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