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Afest 2

It's time that I admit it - I am getting old. Not old old, but old enough to feel kinda dead after four straight nights of going out.

Our friend Joff has this production called Afest (Asian Festival) wherein he brings various indie bands from all over Asia to Manila. I was planning on going for a couple of nights, but this one band really got me hooked.

They're called The Standards, and no one will disagree with me when I say that they are wickedly awesome! They're so good that I even created an account in that social networking site (which I said I wouldn't do, by the way) just so I can listen to their music.
The Standards with some of the team members of the (Training &) Standards Team at work. Nice coincidence, huh?

More photos below. The first couple of sets are plain sucky, because I forgot my Garcia. We had to do with Kvothe, and Nokia phones are just not known for their cameras. One advantage that these photos have - you can't really see all the flaws on our faces. Even without blue acne light, we look pretty good, if I say so myself. ;)

First night @ Club Dredd:

Cheers, Weng!
The girls enjoying the night.
A funny Malaysian guy. His set of songs are way too mushy for me, but for some reason, I keep hearing the line "You are pieces of gold...doodoodoodoo..."

Second night @ Route 196:

Nit and Mc from The Standards.Dancing to The Standards' music.
These guys are so much fun!Tired but happy

Third night @ Saguijo (better pictures since I remembered to bring the camera that night):

The man in the mask introducing the bands
A (Cerveza) Negra for the Negra.

That's how Cerveza Negra at Below Zero looks like. It tastes even better!

No more pics of the fourth night...I just woke up and haven't had time to upload last night's pics from Magnet. Anyhow, if you're in the area, Afest has been extended till tonight. Head on over to Club Dredd in Eastwood City around 9 or 10 pm!


  1. wow! you're a trooper ~ I can't handle 4 nights OUT in a row!!

  2. It's Wednesday, Mel, and I am still physically dead. So much for being a trooper!

  3. yeah, the trooper forgot that it's only Tuesday and not Wednesday! hahaha. love it! :P

  4. Darn! I really thought it was Wednesday! This sucks.


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