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70s Bistro/Handlebar Fun

This week is probably one of the craziest I have had this year. With everything going on, it was inevitable that we found ourselves out last night. I guess we all felt like it was Friday!

Angelique brought us to 70s Bistro - a classic hangout from the good old college days. Even better, one of the guys playing that night was someone we used to watch when we were in school. (Yeah, I had the biggest crush on him.) The combination of the laid back atmosphere, the people, and the buckets of Red Horse got me so buzzed (yeah maybe more drunk than buzzed) that I still cringe when I think of how rowdy I got. I even accidentally broke a bottle!
The players.
Well into the night.
Even later that night..yeah, I can stand on my own!

Here's the best picture of the night:
I think Skye had had enough of my yakking...shouting...God, I am laughing at it now, but it still ranks high up in my list of most embarrassing moments.

Tonight, we went out, this time to Handlebar to watch Tempestuous Jones again. I thought we would be out till much later, but we're getting old! By the end of the second set, we were all yawning and yearning for our beds. If I don't watch out, I might be looking for old people stuff like hair loss treatment for women! I certainly hope not!

Still, we had a blast watching these awesome guys perform.
Son of a Preacher Man with guest singer.
Hard to Handle with Jan's brother singing. Pretty cool!

Friday night, 2 AM, and I am home blogging. Lame.


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