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I love learning new words, and when I ran across this word today, I knew I had to blog about it. Cabotage . Can you guess what it means? I thought of cabbage and do you sabotage something with cabbage? Maybe put poop powder in the sauerkraut? As it turns out, cabotage relates to coastal shipping. Who would have thought? There are actually laws governing cabotage. In the US, they have the Gulf Coast Jones Act . I wonder if we have such a thing as cabotage in the Philippines? Now, the English teacher in me wants to be able to use this word in actual conversation. Rest assured I'll find a way to use it tomorrow. ;)

Extended Weekend

I still had to work yesterday, but up till last night, it felt as if I was "doing the weekend." It's a good thing. The weekend started off excellently with a night at the Handlebar, watching Tempestuous Jones perform. The next day was spent recovering from the week's activities and ended with Flow - awesome dance and acrobatics! Unfortunately, taking photos was not allowed, so I do not have any to show. If you have the chance, though, go watch it at the PAGCOR Theater. Sunday was more relaxing: a swim, AI reruns, and a merienda of rib eye steak and pasta! Sam came to visit late in the afternoon and we ended up jamming to Muse. I love how this little kid can appreciate good music! He wouldn't stop playing with his tambourine whenever Uprising played, and he would get mad if I changed the music. Sam: "Nana quit posing for the cam! Let's enjoy Muse!" Yesterday, Sam and his momma went to Avilon Zoo for some bonding time. From the pictures, you

You Swim Like A Fish

And how do fish swim, exactly? I have always been a frustrated swimmer. I know the idea behind it, but I could never really stay in deep water. It's a mixture of fear and the inability to keep moving enough so that I would keep my head above the water. Several months ago, I started swimming regularly in the building's pool, and inadvertently made a friend. I guess he found it hilarious that we were just wading and not really swimming, so he gave us tips on how to actually swim. Looking back, I think it helped somehow, but I cannot forget what he said: " You're doing the right things - strokes and all - but you keep going up and down! You swim like a fish! I don't understand why! " Since then, I have been trying to analyze what I am doing wrong. Needless to say, I still go up and down when doing the breast stroke. Thinking about it more, maybe he was wrong. Maybe you're supposed to go up and down! And, aren't you supposed to swim like a fish

I Get Off On '57 Chevys...

I am so hooked on Eric Clapton. That's not news, really; but I re-discovered his music on MySpace, and I just cannot seem to stop listening to his songs. I have even discovered "new" songs that make me think of sitting outside in a beautiful garden in the cool of the night, warming myself in the glow of an outdoor fireplace (not that outdoor fireplaces can work in the Philippines especially in the summer!), and enjoying a nice bottle of Merlot. Any Clapton fan would recognize the title of this post...guess?

Sweet 16

I never thought I'd be able to swim on my own, but hey, stranger things have happened! About an hour ago, I was able to do 16 laps - my second time this week. If you knew me 6 months ago, you wouldn't believe me. I love the water, but I am so scared of drowning. Recent events have made me push myself so hard, though, and swimming is one area that I have been working on. It sounds mundane, but it means so much to me. Yeah, the pool is small and a lap is such a short distance; but it used to be that I couldn't even go to the deep end (which is not that deep) without holding on to the side of the pool. Now I am off to reward myself with a meal of tilapia fillet and zucchini. Sweet 16, baby.

70s Bistro/Handlebar Fun

This week is probably one of the craziest I have had this year. With everything going on, it was inevitable that we found ourselves out last night. I guess we all felt like it was Friday! Angelique brought us to 70s Bistro - a classic hangout from the good old college days. Even better, one of the guys playing that night was someone we used to watch when we were in school. (Yeah, I had the biggest crush on him.) The combination of the laid back atmosphere, the people, and the buckets of Red Horse got me so buzzed (yeah maybe more drunk than buzzed) that I still cringe when I think of how rowdy I got. I even accidentally broke a bottle! The players. Well into the night. Even later that night..yeah, I can stand on my own! Here's the best picture of the night: I think Skye had had enough of my yakking...shouting...God, I am laughing at it now, but it still ranks high up in my list of most embarrassing moments. Tonight, we went out, this time to Handlebar to watch Tempestuous

Elevator Dream Comes Real

Well, not quite. I have these recurring dreams about elevators , which I wrote about years ago. The frequency has decreased somehow, but today, I had a real life experience. These scenic elevators at work are supposedly the fastest way to get to our office. However, they act up every now and then, and as luck would have it, one decided to give me a surprise earlier today. There were three of us in the elevator, and the ride up went smoothly. Unfortunately, the door wouldn't open when we got to the top. Instead, the elevator descended ever so slowly. Oh so slowly. The only good thing about it is that the elevator wasn't packed. Otherwise, I would have panicked. Surprisingly, I was more pissed than afraid. It was so hot and waiting for the elevator to reach the ground floor was agonizing. Maybe my elevator dreams aren't so bad after all. I'd rather have those dreams that the other kinds of dreams I have been having lately.

Creating New Memories

They say that you'll never get over the bad stuff until you create new memories. I used to think that the idea was plain crazy. It's not like you can just forget the painful parts of your life like you buy new Ferrari parts . In the latter case - you can throw away the old useless parts and replace them with brand spanking new ones. Despite the price involved, that's quite easy to do. You do not find yourself pining over the old parts. Sometimes I wish we really did have that eraser thing that they use in the Matrix. One flash and you forget what you wish to forget. But, no; we have to go through so much in this life that it just drains you emotionally and physically. I guess that's part of what makes us human. Right now, it sucks.

Afest 2

It's time that I admit it - I am getting old. Not old old, but old enough to feel kinda dead after four straight nights of going out. Our friend Joff has this production called Afest (Asian Festival) wherein he brings various indie bands from all over Asia to Manila. I was planning on going for a couple of nights, but this one band really got me hooked. They're called The Standards, and no one will disagree with me when I say that they are wickedly awesome ! They're so good that I even created an account in that social networking site (which I said I wouldn't do, by the way) just so I can listen to their music. The Standards with some of the team members of the (Training &) Standards Team at work. Nice coincidence, huh? More photos below. The first couple of sets are plain sucky, because I forgot my Garcia. We had to do with Kvothe, and Nokia phones are just not known for their cameras. One advantage that these photos have - you can't really see all t


I used to think that I am a practical person. To a certain degree, I still believe that. However, I know that I am weak in certain areas; and when I say weak, believe me, I mean bones-like-rubber-weak. The iPhone has been one of my most-wanted things on my wishlist for years now. I still don't have one, and I am quite proud of myself for having the EQ to NOT splurge on it (especially since I have a relatively new phone that still works perfectly). Then I saw the news about the iPhone 4. Forget that I would probably have to find an unlocked phone for a much higher price. Forget that I don't need a new one right now. I want it. Then there's the MacBook. Koryu is perfectly fine. I just keep imagining myself with a new toy, though. There are trips...don't even get me started. I want to go somewhere this weekend. Forget that I have been out of town every month since December (sometimes, the trips were only a couple of weeks apart). I want to go somewhere -

Broken Strings

One thing I like about watching American Idol is that I get to discover "new" music. Today, I discovered James Morrison. His song Broken Strings just tears me up. Oh, it tears me up I tried to hold on but it hurts too much I tried to forgive but it's not enough To make it all okay You can't play our broken strings You can't feel anything That your heart don't want to feel I can't tell you something that ain't real Oh, I gotta get out of here...

The World's Smallest Volcano Revisited

Yesterday was a holiday for us, and when my friend Annie asked me to go with them to Tagaytay, I knew I couldn't say no. We hadn't seen each other for 10 years - maybe more - and they were going back to the US the next day. I was a bit anxious to go, to be honest, but I knew that my fears were irrational anyway. So off we went to see the world's smallest volcano - Taal Volcano. The heat was unbelievable ! I seriously thought I would pass out after lunch. Tagaytay is supposed to be the Windy City, but there was not even the slightest breeze that day. The air was hazy, hence the blurry view below. Even though we didn't stay for long, I had a good time, especially playing with their daughter Tiggy. Isn't she a cutie? Playing with her all day, I was reminded of how much I wanted a kid of my due time, maybe.

Being Happy

I got this book as a present a couple of years ago, and while I started reading it, I never got around to finishing. As is my habit when I go to the beach, I brought two books with. Since I didn't really pack till the last minute, I just grabbed whichever books I could get my hands on before rushing out the door; and guess what I got? Being Happy and Book 11 of the Wheel of Time series. I ended up finishing the first book while on vacation. I have to admit that I have this aversion towards self help books. Sometimes, I think that they are full of inane ideas. I was proven wrong by this book, though. Indeed, the ideas presented by the author are not new. In fact, the book merely served as a reinforcement to what I already knew before reading it. However, the reminder that being happy is something that you CHOOSE to do struck me really hard. I cannot count the number of times that I have chosen to be depressed and dwell on the "bad" things. It sucks that I chose

Good Friday Sunset Reflection

They say pictures paint a thousand words. I'll let the picture do the talking. I hope you'll have the chance to reflect this Holy Week.