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Our Mount Pinatubo Adventure

Ever since I saw pictures of my friends at this wonderful azure lake that is the crater of a volcano, I had wanted to go. Mount Pinatubo is known all over the world for wreaking havoc in 1991. It erupted unexpectedly, killing hundreds and affecting the climate as far as North America (I think). I still remember that morning when I woke up with ashes all over my bed - I thought it was snow!

Almost 20 years later, this area of destruction has turned into something more beautiful than anyone can imagine. It is now a premiere tourist destination, and people just can't help but be amazed at the transformation that nature has brought about.

Last Saturday, I went to Pinatubo with several friends. Thanks to Ruy, the trip was all planned out. All I had to do was be at their house by 4 am. Dressed for the hike and bag all packed, I was STOKED!

We drove to Capas, Tarlac, which is the easiest entry point to the crater. We parked at the spa and hopped into the 4x4 that came with the package. The rough - very rough - ride lasted for 45 minutes to an hour.See those masks? Ruy bought them for all of us because of the dust. Luckily, we were the only ones on the trail and the ground was a bit wet. The dust wasn't that bad. The bumpy ride is another story! We dubbed the 4x4 "Hurt Locker!"

We got off the jeep at the beginning of the trek, with this sign greeting us:Guess where we belong? DISCLAIMER: We stopped a lot to take pictures! ;)The trek wasn't that bad. It was fairly easy, and wading through the countless streams was so much fun! At the top, this sight took away all the hurt:We had to hike down to the lake -THAT was more difficult than the entire trek! After a quick lunch, we just couldn't help ourselves. We HAD to go swim. After all, it's not everyday that you can say you are swimming in the crater of a volcano! Naturally, we had to lather on tons of sunblock (with the heat of the sun wrinkle serum wouldn't be such a bad idea!).Kinda hard not to notice that floater, no? Luckily, Livi brought it along. The depth of the lake is still undetermined and signs saying that swimming is no advised were all over the place. Of course, that didn't stop anyone from swimming; not even cowards like me.
Relaxing at the "beach" after the swim with the head planner.

One last parting shot...hard to say goodbye to this place! I am still left wondering what makes the water that color. It probably is NOT the sulfur. Any ideas?
Oh what's that? My new backpack that I bought in Saigon. I love it! Btw, I still have to name him...


  1. You are so thin now Numikins! And looks like a lot of fun! SOrry I missed it....

    On another note, how about "Agent Orange" for the bag. Since it's orange and you got it from Saigon. It might not be politically correct though.

  2. "We dubbed the 4x4 "Hurt Locker!" AHHAHAHHAHAHHAhahahha

    Wowzah, I have never seen a more beautiful place EVER. I have also never seen water that color. AMAZING.

  3. Yeah, Vicki - we missed you! And Agent Orange, cmon!!! After what I saw at the War Museum, I CANNOT call anything Agent Orange.

    Mel - it WAS a hurt locker! And yes, that place is just wonderful. Am already talking about going back there with other friends.

  4. Ahhh Bauer...that's an idea. OR Shaw?


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