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My Most Expensive (or Cheapest!) Birthday Dinner

After a day of traipsing around Saigon and then venturing out into the countryside, we were all ready for a good meal. It was my birthday as well, so we decided to go to this fancy-looking restaurant that everyone was raving about. If the lines were any indication of the food, we supposed that we were in for something good (and expensive).
The wait didn't take that long, thank God; and as we found out, the food and service were NOT overrated. In fact, we over-ordered. Look at all that food!That's good enough for 4 or 5 people! Of course, everyone that passed by our table would stop to look and smile. Some even asked if they could take pictures! (They were tourists like us, of course.) Yep, after this dinner, I need a diet pill that works.
The beef're supposed to cook the beef strips then put them on a piece of rice paper together with vermicelli and veggies. You then dip them into this yummy sauce. We had to take half of this home with us.
The finished product.

After dinner, we wanted some dessert so we walked to this ice cream shop where a lot of locals were hanging out.
We were so full we had to split one serving between the two of us. That corner provided a lot of "entertainment" as the traffic was so heavy and everyone was just doing his own thing.

So, how much did the most expensive/cheapest birthday dinner cost me? 1,000,000++ VND!!! Have you ever paid a million for dinner?

In dollars, that's less than USD10. ;)

Quan An Ngon is the name of the restaurant. You can find it at 160 Pasteur Street. It's so good and cheap that we ate there three times in three days!


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