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Guitar Hero Night

The last time I played Guitar Hero on the PS3 - I can't remember. It seems that so many months have passed since I started on this "journey," and there are some little things that were taken away from me - playing this video game being one of them. I know it seems insignificant, but after playing again last night, I realized just how much I miss JJ (that's the PS3 Slim, in case you've forgotten.) Crossing my fingers that an acquaintance will be able to patch up Jethro (the original PS3) so that I can play at home!

Anyway, we held Guitar Hero night at a friend's place, and we had a blast! I guess the fact that they have a new flat screen TV made it even better!Isn't that a beauty? You don't even need to look at tv stands if you had one of these babies. Oh yeah, sucky picture - can you tell my hands were shaking from the excitement of it all?

One thing I don't understand: Guitar Hero World Tour would play but not recognize the guitar controller! It was really weird because I used to use the same controller with the game on JJ. I don't know what went wrong.

More pics of the rock stars...yeah, we were all delusional. It must have been the excellent wine and cheese!
We made it all the way to the battle with Joe Perry, but the sun was coming up by that time and we were almost dead. Unfortunately, we had to wuss out. I am pretty sure we can get that guy one day.
Oh, and a pleasant break - we got to talk with an old friend who now lives in Paris. Gotta love what technology allows you to do.That's our little big brother trying not to cry...:pNot a bad way to end a hellish week at work.


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