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The Geeky Gangsta

Disclaimer: I am NOT describing myself. I don't think I have ever met a person I would describe as GG, but these photos just made me laugh.

Anyway, a certain Kristin Verby had some free time on her hands and starting playing around with a camera and her computer. She came up with concepts for gadgets for the Geeky Gangsta. Here are my personal favorites.

These shoes make the Nike + iPod combination look pathetic. Why would you need a standalone mp3 player when you can have THIS? LOL, I can probably run for miles on the treadmill if I had a pair of these. Then again, I might end up getting killed by the other people at the gym. One question: is the DVD player shockproof?
You do recognize that for what it is, don't you? Someone once told me that the Glock is the best handgun in the world. Well, here's the chance to own the best handgun and use it on a daily basis, too. No need for permits! I seriously want one. Maybe that will entice me to turn the TV on more than once a week.
The best of the best...I seriously need a new mouse for Koryu. This one would do just fine. This one's definitely not an SS.

Enjoy the rest of the week, guys!


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