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Tempestuous Jones @ Handlebar

Impromptu gimik last night...I surprised myself by actually going to Makati - on a weeknight no less! I am glad I went, though. I had always wanted to go watch Tempestuous Jones play, and I had always wanted to go to Handlebar. I was not disappointed.

The first sight of all those beeyootiful bikes parked outside made my heart beat faster...pity I couldn't take any pictures. I was too excited. (Parang kawawa no?) I could just imagine the insurance quote for those beauties!

Good food (humongous portions, really) and even better drinks (well you can't go wrong with JD - one shot there is worth 2 shots in Eastwood bars!) - no wonder I am thinking of going back tonight. After all, Razorback's playing! Some pics.
She belted out Son of a Preacherman for the first song. Aww...
Um, I think someone was already tipsy at this point.
And someone was messing up the pics.
And messing them up again...
Now for some Pat Benatar...

It was fun. Can't wait to do it again!


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