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Sub-stomach Rocks

First I was talking about sub-sea rock installations. Now, I got my own rocks...I had to go back to the doctor today to get another ultrasound. If you remember, I got one last year and they found stuff on my liver and gallbladder. I never went back because I didn't really want to find out what they were but now, the pain had me go back.

I thought that things were better thanks to my not-so-quick weight loss diet. What they found was still the same, if not worse. Now those stones in my gallbladder are bigger. I guess it has to be taken out. But I am not giving up on it yet. I still have to see the internist on Wednesday to map out our action plan. I hate the thought of being cut up but oh well, for now, I will enjoy my weekend at the beach.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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