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The Pisces In Me

I just got back from my "weekly" swim and I am feeling good! I used quotation marks on the word weekly because it is not that regular of an activity. I would swim everyday if I could but sleepy old me just can't seem to get out of bed till 11 in the morning. That's barely enough time to get ready for work!

Anyway, as I was taking a breather earlier and basking in the sun, I realized how content I am where I am now, physically speaking. I am glad we moved here where there is a pool I can use anytime I want to. I never really used it before, and I wonder why!

Perhaps it's just now that the Pisces in me is coming out. I never really put much stock on astrology but just for the heck of it...I don't know if this is accurate but since Pisces is the Latin word for fish (the plural form to be exact), it all fits doesn't it?

I love swimming - or what passes for moving in the water - because it relaxes me and clears my mind, not to mention the possibility of fast weight loss. ;)

I just wish that our pool faced the sun so that I could feel the warm rays in the afternoon. Summer's here, after all!!!


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