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I remember liking this word so much when I was in school. We all had to understand the process in science class, but what made me like the word was its sound, the way it is said.

Right now, though, I am hating it. Since my stomach woes started last week, I have had to limit my solid food intake and drink up. I feel like a huge floating piece of human being with nothing but liquid inside. If this were one of those diets that work, I wouldn't complain but I am not feeling any lighter! I can't imagine what those people who go on liquid-only diets have to go through!

Now am off to see the doc and see if she can fix me up. Crispy pata, here I come!!! ;)


  1. I've LIVED on ALL Liquids due to my Annoying Medical Conditions multiple times and its AWFUL!

  2. are doing much better now, aren't you?


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