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Happy Pills

We all have our happy pills, don't we? While some may associate happy pills with shady stuff, I think that there are some supplements that can make you "happy" simply because they help you achieve your goals. For example, if you take something to help you sleep when you've been having problems, then that's a happy pill. Or let's say you want to become muscular like those hunks on TV, you take supplements to help you become what you want. (In case you ARE looking for something like that, check out this muscle milk review. It's not for me - I have other happy pills to choose from - but you might be interested.)

Short background: I used to be called a pill popper. That's because I have a very low tolerance for pain and I'd take pills for practically anything. In the past few months, though, I haven't really taken many for one reason or the other.

Anyway, I just came back from the doctor. The good news is that she gave me some "happy pills." They're supposed to help me with my stomach pain so if they work, they're definitely my happy pills for the moment. The not-so-good news is that I need more tests tomorrow. Remember that gallstone problem I wrote about last year? Looks like it's back and I might have to deal with it for good.

In the meantime, I am sitting at home trying to ignore the pain and waiting for my new happy pills to weave their magic. ;)

What's your happy pill?


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