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Get Rich Blogging?

I have heard people say this so many times but I haven't gotten rich doing it. I am probably doing something wrong. Then again, I am enjoying myself so it's all good.

I just thought about this again because a friend of mine recently started her own blog and she has such high hopes for it. She's really stoked and I am excited for her. When she asked for tips on how to promote her blog, I was like "Um, my blog has a very small readership so I am not in the position to advise you."

Yet there are some tried and tested tips that have worked for many:
  1. directory submission
  2. visiting and commenting on other blogs
  3. blog communities
  4. blog carnivals (I don't know if people still do this)
I think the bottom line is providing quality content that will bring people back to your blog.

Otherwise, just enjoy writing and to heck with getting rich! ;)



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