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Old Magazines

What do you do with old magazines? I found a huge stack of them yesterday and I think that it might be time to get rid of them, for one reason or another. I cannot believe I have so many mags, and they're an eclectic bunch, too. They're just gathering so much dust (I'll probably have a break out and have to check acnezine reviews ) and eating up space. I don't want to just throw them away, though. I wonder if there is a recycling thing in the neighborhood...

Death By Cholesterol

The past week has been a busy one so I was actually looking forward to a relaxing weekend. So far, it has been that...went swimming, got some work done, and then had good food and enjoyed great company in the evening. I know I am not supposed to eat high fat and cholesterol food but I figured that since they're taking the thing out anyway, might as well enjoy the food I like now. It's not like I can develop more of those nasty things in a couple of months, right? ;) Here, take a look at some pics that will show you how to lose weight fast - NOT! That's pork sisig . It's made of chopped up pork - skin, meat, and fat - served in a sizzling plate. This one's crispy pata . That's deep fried pork leg. Before you balk at the thought of eating it, you should at least give it a try. It's to die for! And for dessert...French Apple Pie from Sugar House. Chocolate Truffle Cake. This one never fails to make me happy! I got some leftovers if you want!

The Pisces In Me

I just got back from my "weekly" swim and I am feeling good! I used quotation marks on the word weekly because it is not that regular of an activity. I would swim everyday if I could but sleepy old me just can't seem to get out of bed till 11 in the morning. That's barely enough time to get ready for work! Anyway, as I was taking a breather earlier and basking in the sun, I realized how content I am where I am now, physically speaking. I am glad we moved here where there is a pool I can use anytime I want to. I never really used it before, and I wonder why! Perhaps it's just now that the Pisces in me is coming out. I never really put much stock on astrology but just for the heck of it...I don't know if this is accurate but since Pisces is the Latin word for fish (the plural form to be exact), it all fits doesn't it? I love swimming - or what passes for moving in the water - because it relaxes me and clears my mind, not to mention the possibility o

Razorback @ Handlebar...Big Sky After

Aren't Friday nights fun? As usual, I almost didn't make it to the gig, but thank God I did! Razorback played at Handlebar (yeah, second night in a row) and even though we were late, the set was long enough that we got to enjoy the night. The couple of hours I spent watching the band took me back to those years when I didn't have a care in the world. It was a refreshing experience! See that cigar ? Jan said his family makes it. Isn't that just cool? I've always thought that we only had the Tabacalera brand from here. (Oh and yeah, that's a pretty sight, huh?) About halfway into the set, I realized that I hadn't eaten so we ordered some tatie skins. These skins were the best I've had. Just one and you'll find yourself quite full! After they finished playing, we hung around a bit chatting. Next stop: Big Sky. It's this nice little bar in...I forget where it is, but it's near E. Rodriguez. The art installations on the second floor

Tempestuous Jones @ Handlebar

Impromptu gimik last night...I surprised myself by actually going to Makati - on a weeknight no less! I am glad I went, though. I had always wanted to go watch Tempestuous Jones play, and I had always wanted to go to Handlebar. I was not disappointed. The first sight of all those beeyootiful bikes parked outside made my heart beat faster...pity I couldn't take any pictures. I was too excited. (Parang kawawa no?) I could just imagine the insurance quote for those beauties! Good food (humongous portions, really) and even better drinks (well you can't go wrong with JD - one shot there is worth 2 shots in Eastwood bars!) - no wonder I am thinking of going back tonight. After all, Razorback's playing! Some pics. She belted out Son of a Preacherman for the first song. Aww... Um, I think someone was already tipsy at this point. And someone was messing up the pics. And messing them up again... Now for some Pat Benatar... It was fun. Can't wait to do it again!


I remember liking this word so much when I was in school. We all had to understand the process in science class, but what made me like the word was its sound, the way it is said. Right now, though, I am hating it. Since my stomach woes started last week, I have had to limit my solid food intake and drink up. I feel like a huge floating piece of human being with nothing but liquid inside. If this were one of those diets that work , I wouldn't complain but I am not feeling any lighter! I can't imagine what those people who go on liquid-only diets have to go through! Now am off to see the doc and see if she can fix me up. Crispy pata, here I come!!! ;)

Where I Belong

Not many people would identify Puerto Galera as their ideal vacation spot. It does not have the best beaches. It's not the trendiest spot. For some reason, though, I found Tamaraw Beach to be so comfortable that I feel right at home when I go there. Last weekend was perhaps the most relaxing stay I've had in the resort. Two songs just kept playing in my head...can anyone guess? Here are some of my favorite pictures from last weekend. My only problem with the resort was that they only had instant coffee. I had to visit the next door neighbor - Sunset at Aninuan for the brewed kind. To my (pleasant) surprise, Tamaraw now serves brewed coffee! A visit to this part of The Philippines simply has to include a meal at Luca's. Huge plate of pasta puttanesca...and an even bigger pizza (bolognese, fancy that!) Luca's is movin' on up. The place is nicer and they even had a guy playing live music during lunch. I couldn't believe it when he started singing The Dan

This Thing Called Grace

I started reading Philip Yancey's "What's So Amazing About Grace" at the beach last weekend. One chapter into the book and I was almost wishing that I didn't bring it with me. What it keeps on saying is true. Grace leads to forgiveness, and that is the most unnatural act for us human beings. We yearn for justice. We yearn for payment for doing wrong. At least when we are the wronged party. And yet when we look back to what God has done for us, we cannot help but be humbled by the fact that he has doled out his grace to us. He has forgiven us for something more than anyone can ever to do us. Throughout my stay at the beach, I experienced grace in subtle ways. The perfect beach weather - warm sun, calm seas, relaxing ambiance. All these combined made me feel and realize that there is no choice but to show the same grace that has been given me. The kind people around me. All of them - except my cousin - I didn't know but the whole stay was just a la

Back To The City Blues

My weekend at Galera warrants a longer and "deeper" post. I am just so tired that I can't even think straight. Still, I wanted to post some pictures. Maybe you'll understand why I SO want to go job search and find something to make me rich FAST. Maybe then I can afford to never leave the beach! I wish I owned that house! The most relaxing hut in the world. Needless to say, being back in the city SUCKS big time! Any ideas how I can afford to stay in paradise?

Sub-stomach Rocks

First I was talking about sub-sea rock installations. Now, I got my own rocks...I had to go back to the doctor today to get another ultrasound. If you remember, I got one last year and they found stuff on my liver and gallbladder. I never went back because I didn't really want to find out what they were but now, the pain had me go back. I thought that things were better thanks to my not-so- quick weight loss diet . What they found was still the same, if not worse. Now those stones in my gallbladder are bigger. I guess it has to be taken out. But I am not giving up on it yet. I still have to see the internist on Wednesday to map out our action plan. I hate the thought of being cut up but oh well, for now, I will enjoy my weekend at the beach. Have a great weekend everyone!

Get Rich Blogging?

I have heard people say this so many times but I haven't gotten rich doing it. I am probably doing something wrong. Then again, I am enjoying myself so it's all good. I just thought about this again because a friend of mine recently started her own blog and she has such high hopes for it. She's really stoked and I am excited for her. When she asked for tips on how to promote her blog, I was like "Um, my blog has a very small readership so I am not in the position to advise you." Yet there are some tried and tested tips that have worked for many: directory submission visiting and commenting on other blogs blog communities blog carnivals (I don't know if people still do this) I think the bottom line is providing quality content that will bring people back to your blog. Otherwise, just enjoy writing and to heck with getting rich! ;) Whatchathink?

Sub-sea Rock Installations

Apparently, that's just another term for rock dumping in the North Sea. Yesterday, I had to file for a sick leave because of my bum stomach. The night before, I ate a *light* dinner of Vietnamese pho, but it didn't sit well with the tummy. I ended up without sleep all night, so I decided to finally go to the doctor. Perfect timing - a college friend was in town and was having lunch. Naturally, I couldn't NOT pass by even for just a bit; after all, the lunch was just across the street. While I was not really up to it, I am glad I went. We had a very interesting know how those things go, you talk about the past and the present, and how different life is from what you expected when you were 16 years old. Gina, our friend, now works for a Dutch company that dumps rocks in the sea. She makes maps of the sea bed...Pretty interesting huh? Monnette and I felt so inconsequential worrying about typos and commas and weight loss products (maybe the last is just

Happy Pills

We all have our happy pills, don't we? While some may associate happy pills with shady stuff, I think that there are some supplements that can make you "happy" simply because they help you achieve your goals. For example, if you take something to help you sleep when you've been having problems, then that's a happy pill. Or let's say you want to become muscular like those hunks on TV, you take supplements to help you become what you want. (In case you ARE looking for something like that, check out this muscle milk review . It's not for me - I have other happy pills to choose from - but you might be interested.) Short background: I used to be called a pill popper. That's because I have a very low tolerance for pain and I'd take pills for practically anything. In the past few months, though, I haven't really taken many for one reason or the other. Anyway, I just came back from the doctor. The good news is that she gave me some "hap

Three More Days!

My body just won't seem to cooperate! Tons of work - both in the office and at home - and I am exhausted every minute of the day. It seems that I simply have to deal with the pain and the load and whine on my blog. Thank God for the coming weekend. This time in 3 days, I will be looking at this: And this: And this: Now if I can only find a cellulite cure , I'm all set! (I am sure Hannah will be "liking" that line if this were on Facebook.) Seriously, this weekend couldn't come at a more opportune time. I need this break. Universe, hear me, please. I need a miracle this weekend!!!


When I started eating less and getting off my butt to actually engage in physical activity, I was so optimistic. I just knew that I would be able to shed those years of accumulated weight. For the first 3 months, I was amazed by the results. I did have to jump start the whole thing with some pills (hormone stuff for PCOS, appetite suppressants, etc.). Someone suggested adipex p but that wasn't what my OB prescribed. Anyway, I did that for a month and then relied mainly on eating less and going to the gym. In the back of my mind, I knew I was going to reach a plateau sooner or later. I had hoped it was later - much later, when I had achieved my target - but I think I'm there now. I haven't lost much in the past month and a half. Of course, I have to consider that I haven't been going to the gym much either. I've started swimming though, and it seems that it just might help. After a week or so, I have lost a pound. Or maybe it's just because of my bu


For the life of me, I cannot come up with a Monday Pick Me Upper today. I started thinking about it last night but I guess the 2-hour swim exhausted me too much. Today, I have been in and out of the restroom chucking up what little I had ingested for lunch. I don't even feel like writing but old habits die hard. A colleague was feeling off as well and she said something that made me think. Psychosomatic. That's the word she used. While she used it to describe herself, it's making me think. They say you can get physically ill because of emotional/psychological disturbance. Maybe it is true. I wonder if Medicare supplement will cover this kind of thing? On the other hand, if you think you're psychosomatic, does that discount you as being one? Or maybe hypochondriac is a better word. (I wonder if Medicare will also cover these cases.) I think I have to call it a day even if it's not even midnight. I hope my stomach doesn't wake me up in the middle

Cost and Value

I have been trying to make it a habit to start my day right by reading the Bible and praying. So far so good, and I have to say that it helps in getting things right during the day. The other day, the meditation was about looking at what you value rather than what things cost. I do not know if I got it right, but the way it hit me, I thought about materialism, values, and things/people that are precious to you. I thought about how sometimes, you just find yourself wanting something so much that you end up throwing away those things that you value. I guess it happens to the best of us. The world has so much to offer that there are times when we just throw caution to the wind (not always a bad thing, I think) and forget everything else. What I am hoping now is that I do not end up doing the wrong thing just because I want something so badly. I also hope that I fully realize and understand what I really value in my life and not let go of them. Oh and there's one more wish..

Jack Thoughts

This is going to be a rambling post. I probably won't make sense. I don't even know what to write. I just know that today was a relatively good day and that I am somewhat thankful for what I have. I am not a very expressive person but I do recognize the good things I have in my life. I have a good job (nor perfect but good). I have a loving and supportive family. I have friends who put up with my idiosyncrasies. I have my toys (Koryu the best of netbooks ). I have a roof above my head and a super comfy place to sleep in. I have the everything downstairs at my convenience. I guess this isn't the best time to be posting but I just can't help it. I have to write and enumerate the good things in my life. I may not have everything I want but I certainly have the things I need. For now.

Below Average EQ

I don't remember if I wrote about this in December, but it just entered my mind again. One day, my friends and I at work decided to take the EQ test just to see how we fared. I honestly thought that I would score pretty well but apparently, I thought wrong. Among all the people who took the test, I was the only one who got a below average EQ ! Go figure! I was the only one who didn't open gifts till Christmas Eve!!! Anyhow, the reason I thought about this test is that when I woke up this morning, I realized that I have been following some of my resolutions for the year. Granted it's only been a month; still, I think that I am doing pretty well. Let me gloat for a bit... I have been avoiding major purchases - no new camcorder , no new laptop, no new phone! That last bit is actually NOT fulfilling a promise to myself - I promised to get an iPhone but managed to hold off on the purchase yet again. I guess my below average EQ is at work for I have opted to pay towar