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MSI Wind Not Charging

I was having a great day. I really was. Then Koryu stopped charging. I have been noticing her acting up in the past few days - especially when the power cord gets yanked accidentally, but I didn't think it was a serious thing. Now, my MSI Wind is running purely on its poor old 3-cell battery.

I'm not that worried - I am pretty sure it can be fixed, but it's such a hassle to go to the service center. Unfortunately, the computer store near me does not fix this hardware issues.

It just got me thinking, is it time to get a new lappy? I was already planning on getting an HP Mini-note, but not till half of this year is over. Maybe I should just speed up the timeline a bit? I can do away with some "extras" that I am paying for - like the additional health savings account
I have been maintaining. That should give me enough cash every month to pay for a new netbook. I am having a hard time dealing with the idea of letting go of Koryu, though.

Whatcha think?

[UPDATE] I tried another charger-adapter and Koryu worked. I did not use it for long, though, as the output current was 3A - Koryu's is only 2A and I don't want to overload her circuits. This means I gotta buy a new charger. That's way cheaper than a new netbook AND I get to keep my baby!


  1. Well, Im glad all you need is a new charger and not a whole new computer!

  2. Glad you figured it out. My laptop eats power cords so I bought 3 universal units on Amazon for $15/each just in case. Way cheaper then running to Radio Shack or a new laptop so I know what you mean. My laptop battery is larger and can go for 4 hours or so but I like it plugged in at home.

    Hope you had a great New Year's eve/day.

  3. I got a universal charger from this local store called CDR King. It's very cheap - I hope it works! :p (Well so far it IS working.)


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